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Joyce Brown

While Joyce brings a bounty of experience to the Team, a career in real estate wasn’t her initial path. Tagging along to just support a friend, Joyce found herself drawn to the career. Twenty-three years later when asked about how she feels about her successful career in real estate, Joyce shares, “I love it! I’ve met people I wouldn’t have met otherwise, helping them get from one place to the other of where they want to be. Not just geographically, but also emotionally.” Joyce has lived “up and down the East Coast”, as she says, and has a great deal of empathy for clients going through transfers and relocations. “I can appreciate the difficulty and understand all sides of the battle, especially when kids don’t want to go.”

Joyce and her husband of nearly fifty years, Don, now reside in Plainville, CT and enjoy spending their free time reading personal growth books and traveling. Spend a few minutes with Joyce as you’ll soon understand why she puts her clients at ease through the emotions of moving.